Pucka Marketing Solutions harnesses the power of the WEB to get YOU more clients!!

Why Choose Pucka Marketing Solutions?

Pucka Marketing Solutions can help KickStart the success of your business today with our range of services, which include Online Marketing, Web Development and Hosting. We use popular content management services like Joomla and WordPress to develop user-friendly web applications for your company. You and your staff can make updates on the website without our assistance and you can add articles and blog posts that will assist you in communicating with your clients. We only use white-hat Online Marketing techniques to promote your website online and get you qualified leads to your website. Let us help you Increase Website Traffic, Improve Online Reputation, Increase Sales and Improve Customer Loyalty.


Get More Clients With Pucka Marketing Solutions

Get More Leads

South Africa has about 25 million internet users. Businesses can reach more people by having an online presence and a well executed Online Marketing Strategy.


No Vendor Lock-In

We use Joomla and WordPress for our web development projects. They are the most popular CMS software in the world with millions of businesses using them to run their websites.


Data Security

We resell elithost hosting services. They are well-known for their good support and reliable hosting services. They use Teraco and Hetzner Data Centres for shared hosting in South Africa.


Increase Sales

A well-optimised website has higher conversion rates. Sales can increase dramatically when traffic to your website increase.


Detailed Analytics

We use Analytics and link tracking software that help us see the performance of each internet marketing Campaign. This makes it possible to optimise each campaign.


User-Friendly CMS

WordPress and Joomla are so popular because they are not only powerful but also easy to use. Once your website is setup you can change content on any page by yourself.


Increase ROI

You can get more from your marketing budget, because of the low CAC and high Sales. This will result in your business growing faster.


Reduce CAC

A well-executed digital marketing campaign will reduce your Customer Acquisition Cost. Online Marketing Campaigns can cost less than traditional advertising.


Increased Productivity

Joomla and WordPress can be used to develop applications that also help your staff become more productive. Whether it is an intranet or collaboration site, your staff can do more.

Online Marketing

We can help you grow your business faster by using tried and tested Online Marketing techniques. We can help your business harness the vast power and reach of the world wide web to take your business to get more leads and increase your brand’s popularity.

Web Development

Pucka Marketing Solutions uses the most popular CMS systems like, Joomla and WordPress, to create useful web applications that assist in promoting your business, improving productivity and collaboration in your business and musch more.


We have partnered with one of the best hosting companies to bring our customers highly reliable hosting service. We have chosen a company that known for its wonderful support. When you combine great support with the highly secure servers you get a great product.

Let Us Help You Kick Start Your Business

Let us help you take your business online and use the power of the world wide web to bring you more business

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